Life Purpose Strengths Assessment

life purpose strengths assessment

a whole-person assessment of your wiring

Our main Life Purpose Strengths Assessment tool is named The Calltm. The Calltm is a whole-person, comprehensive strengths assessment to help you make wiser choices about your education, your career and your life purpose. The Calltm includes 2 comprehensive reports full of valuable insights into 4 distinct layers of your God-given wiring. Your personalized reports provide a mountain of useful information, measuring 7 motivational gifts, 9 major personality and behavior traits, 6 major occupational interest groups and 5 dynamics of your thinking style. They also shows your closest matches with jobs in 22 different industry categories. Plus, the reports provide you with ministry-specific careers not available with many other popular career assessments.

The Life Purpose Strengths Assessment Experience

Wondering what taking The Calltm is really like? Watch Nate and Erin’s video where they talk candidly about their experience in taking the life purpose strengths assessment individually, and as a married couple.

(This is not a 30-second marketing splash; rather, it’s a 12-minute discussion of what it really was like!)

The Calltm is designed for:

Life Planners High School Life Purpose Pastors
Job Seekers College Career Planning Mentors
Career Changers Continuing Education Team Building Supervisors
Volunteering Grad Studies Relationship Counseling Lay Leaders


Example Strengths Assessment Reports

Life Purpose Strengths Assessment: Vocational Report

Life Purpose Strengths Assessment Vocational Report

Life Purpose Strengths Assessment: Life Purpose Report

Life Purpose Strengths Assessment New-Call-Report-Cover-Image-Small

Life Purpose Strengths Assessment: Couples Side-by-Side Report

Couples Only
Life Purpose Strengths Assessment Side-by-Side-Cover-Page



per person
  • On-Line Questionnaire Takes about 90 minutes
  • Vocational Report Shows Career and Ministry Fit
  • Life Purpose Report Shows Wiring in 4 Key Life Areas
  • 90-Minute Private Phone DebriefLearn How to Apply the Results Through a Session with a Certified Life Coach

Married Couples

per couple
  • On-Line Questionnaire Husband and Wife Do This Individually
  • Vocational Report Husband and Wife Do This Individually
  • Life Purpose Report Husband and Wife Do This Individually
  • 90-Minute Private Phone Debrief Husband and Wife Do This Individually
  • Couple’s Side-By-Side Report Shows Both Results Together on 1 Page
  • 60-Minute Private Phone Debrief as a Couple Learn Together How to Maximize Their Strengths and Mitigate Their Differences as a Couple