Couples or Singles Life Purpose Retreat

couples or singles life purpose retreat

a retreat + strategic planning program

It’s a Couples Retreat. It’s a Singles Retreat. It’s a place to find your life purpose.

Looking to live a fuller life either as a married couple or an individual? A life built around that thing “you can’t NOT do?” Passion. Risk. Reward. Being in your sweet spot. Impacting. Growing. If that’s you, this is the place for you: a retreat that specializes in helping you find and fulfill your life purpose! We are here to help you unlock the hidden treasures IN YOU!

Naturally, this desired outcome of your Couples Retreat or Singles Retreat requires learning, courage and determination, because for most of us, it means transformational change, as individuals and as married couples – change in not only our decision-making and priorities, but even significant change deeper within us, in our thought processes and character.

We all need support to successfully complete this journey. So, we are here to not only help you find it, but to fulfill it – to actually walk in your God-given calling. You are not alone! Come on in! Allow us to share our passion for purposeful living in order to support and equip you to live out your life purpose. Allow us to show you around a Couples Retreat or a Singles Retreat to find your life purpose.

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